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Loan Consolidation

Facilitating the Process

Coast Professional, Inc. understands that borrowers who have defaulted Stafford, Perkins, and/or HPSL Loan might qualify to have their loans consolidated. We will help a borrower consolidate his or her through William D. Ford or the consolidation organization of his or her choice. Our representatives follow the consolidation from the initial application all the way through the funding of the loan.

Once the borrower has accepted the option of consolidation, the representative will facilitate the whole process. All applications are done online while speaking to the borrower.

The application is forwarded to our support staff, at which time it is sent priority mail to the borrower. Because this is a critical time, representatives stay in close contact with the borrower, verifying that the paperwork has been received and answering any questions the borrower may have. All incoming applications completed by the borrower are forwarded to our support staff. Quality control is of the utmost importance during the consolidation process.
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