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Coast Professional, Inc. (Coast) Mission Statement

Our Mission is to preserve the integrity of educational institutions before, during and after the collection process. We help increase profitability for our clients by assisting borrowers in the resolution of obligations, while enhancing their future educational and financial opportunities. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest knowledge in the field of educational receivables, superior customer service, and respectful communication.

We maintain a professional corporate environment that encourages teamwork in our associates and rewards enthusiasm. We promote training and education that furthers the professional goals of our staff. We continue to provide service to our clients, which is not only of the highest quality, but one that is built on relationships.

Policies and Procedures

An acknowledgment will be mailed to our clients the same day we receive new accounts. A letter will also be sent to our clients' borrowers notifying them that Coast is now handling their account. Our professional collectors will attempt the initial telephone contact the following day or as stipulated by our agreement. Borrowers who cannot be located are skip traced by our in-house experts.

Monthly statements listing all accounts that have payment activity will be sent by the 10th of the following month. Direct payments sent to our client's office by borrowers will either be listed on this report or billed to you separately as per our agreement.

When litigation is necessary, we will submit a written suit authorization for our client's review, approval and signature.

Accounts without payment activity after 12 months will be automatically closed and returned. This will assist in complience with federal regulations and possibly improving recovery rates by assigning to a second agency. All requests for the return of accounts should be handled through your client support representative or marketing executive.

Your marketing executive or client support representative is always available to assist you with your professional needs.
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